Sound for Design and Branding

Glossier - Boy Brow Campaign

Custom soundtrack for Into the Gloss / Glossier's infamous "Boy Brow" Campaign, signaling a minimalistic and unique feel for the score and sound design.

The product itself was used for some of the percussive sound elements.

"In the words of Annie Kreighbaum, there's no such thing as the Perfect Brow. We're in the midst of a revolution—a revolution that states that the best brows are the brows you were born with. Reference points include Cara Delevingne (obviously), backstage beauty of the last, oh, three years, and all these boys, hence the name. The look is fluffy, full, and untouched. Even if you were among the population affected by the Great Overpluck of the 1990s, you too can get back to the brow nature intended you to have. You just need a product that cares as much about your brows as you do."


"Meet Boy Brow"

Boy Brow: The Beginner's Guide

Boy Brow